Report on Election Administrations Failures in Newcastle

Today Newcastle Borough Council released the independent report into the administration of the General Election in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The report found that failings by the Returning Office and the Council led to 1,500 people being denied their democratic right to vote on June 8th.

Responding to the report, Conservative candidate Owen Meredith said: 

“This report paints a bleak picture of widespread and catastrophic failings by the council in administration of the General Election in Newcastle-under-Lyme constituency on June 8th. These failures directly resulted in around 1,500 people in Newcastle being denied their democratic right to vote. 

“Decisions taken by the council leader and her administration left the elections office under resourced and lacking the experience needed to properly conduct the election.

"It is vital lessons are learnt from this experience and that the recommendations of the report are implemented in full. Urgent action must be taken by Newcastle Borough council to ensure the credibility of upcoming council by-elections in December and the all-out elections in May.  

“Voters will rightly be horrified by the details of the report’s findings and trust in the democratic process in Newcastle-under-Lyme has been badly undermined. Urgent action is needed to restore that trust. 

“Voters have been truly let down by the Council officers and leadership, and those involved must consider their positions.”