Owen hosts economic roundtable with Business Secretary Greg Clark

Conservative candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme, Owen Meredith, chaired a roundtable this week (30 May) with Business Secretary Greg Clark and some of the town’s top businesses and trade bodies to discuss how Meredith’s plan can help the town respond to future opportunities and challenges to secure our economic future.

Mr Meredith was joined by a range of businesses, the high-street butcher, a roofing specialist, professional services companies, a house builder, a chemist and a ceramics manufacturer, as well as the President of the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Meredith, who hopes to win in Newcastle in the General Election on June 8th, said: “I’m consulting with businesses and employers to ensure we get the best deal from Brexit that secures jobs here and allows local businesses to grow and invest in Newcastle.

“I want to work with local businesses and employers, as well as institutions like Keele University, to see more partnerships like the New Keele Deal, fostering greater innovation and create more high-skilled, high-paid jobs in the area. A vote for me with Theresa May will help us achieve that vision.”


Business Secretary Greg Clark said that, if re-elected, the Conservatives would invest in skills and infrastructure, and support companies in developing the products and technologies of the future.

Our local workforce is currently paid less on average and has fewer qualifications than the national average, but Mr Clark said his party would act to address this disparity.

He said: “This is one of the parts of the country that best exemplifies the possibilities of the industrial strategy, which are all about boosting the earning power of the workforce”.