Meredith: Let's make a success of Brexit for Newcastle

The Conservative candidate to be the next MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme, Owen Meredith, has challenged PCC candidates from Labour and the Liberal Democrats to respect the results of the EU referendum.

Speaking at the Keele University hustings yesterday (30 May), Meredith said:

“In Newcastle, I am the only candidate at this election who accepts the result of the referendum and the decision we made on June 23rd to leave the European Union. 

"Jeremy Corbyn's Labour candidate voted against starting the Brexit negotiations in parliament, despite our area voting decisively to leave. That is disgrace.

"He voted against having the referendum, he voted against triggering Article 50, and he voted against this election - Labour are not interested in listening to the view of people in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

"Every vote for me and the Conservatives in this election will strengthen Theresa May's hand to deliver a Brexit that works for Britain and for Newcastle. As your MP I will work tirelessly to secure a Brexit deal that works for this town, secures jobs here and allows local businesses to grow and invest in Newcastle.”