Invitation to join the Conservative team working for a better future for Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Invitation to join the Conservative team working for a better future for Newcastle-under-Lyme.

On June 8th, we made history in Newcastle-under-Lyme by securing the highest vote share for the Conservative Party since the General Election of 1900. With 48.1% of the vote, that 117 year record showed that there is real enthusiasm to do things differently in our town. We may have fallen 30 votes short of victory, but I believe our positive and passionate campaign engaged people because it demonstrated the good that politics can do for our community. I am humbled by the level of support I received and hugely grateful to everyone in Newcastle-under-Lyme who put their faith and trust in me.

But our story doesn’t end there.

Next May, our group leader Cllr Simon Tagg and the Conservative team on Newcastle Borough Council will be facing the first set of all-out elections, with the Council moving from 60 to 44 seats. This is an exciting opportunity to build on our achievements in June and another step we can take together on the road to deliver real change in Newcastle. Only the Conservatives can provide the leadership our Borough needs to deliver a bold and ambitious four-year programme.

We need strong Conservative leadership in Newcastle-under-Lyme so that we can improve the delivery of essential services like street cleaning and rubbish collection; invest in our town centre; help local businesses to grow, invest and create jobs; and deliver a local plan that protects our parks and green spaces, while building the homes we need.

I’m sure you will agree there is a lot at stake. I care passionately about our community and I don’t want a repeat of the General Election, where we fall just short of achieving that real change, leaving us stuck with another term of Labour control, waste and failure.

I am asking you to join us today and help us build a better future for Newcastle. By supporting our local team as a member of the Party, you can help us make history and be part of the team delivering real change in Newcastle. 

You can join online at

I hope you will take this opportunity to join the team and support us, so that together we can build a better future for Newcastle-under-Lyme.

With my thanks and best wishes,


Owen Meredith
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme, June 2017