Helping Young People Get The Best Start In Life

Young people across Newcastle are being urged to make sure their voices are heard on Thursday, along with older voters.

31-year-old Conservative Candidate for Newcastle, Owen Meredith, says that helping the next generation become interested in politics, has always been one of his highest missions in public life.

Mr Meredith made the call this week, answering questions from Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services, as he promised to fight for a better future for young people, to boost their skills and long term employability. 

Owen said: “Young people deserve to be heard. The 18-25 generation is the demographic most likely to be in insecure employment, or worried about their long-term prospects. They are also less likely to be registered to vote. We saw a big push before the deadline to get people on the register and are told young people have registered in record numbers - now we need to make sure they vote on Thursday.

A vote for me on the June 8th will is a vote for fresh ideas to make Newcastle a better place to live and work. A vote for high-quality education here in Newcastle, and a commitment to building a better future. I want to better connect our schools with future employers to help the next generation get the best start in life.

“With world-class research and facilities at Keele University, we have an opportunity to continue inspiring the next generation. Building on recent successful initiatives like the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio at Newcastle College, as Newcastle’s MP I’ll work hard to connect our biggest employers with local schools and colleges to provide a better future for young people and boost their skills and employability. We need to foster local talent and keep people in Newcastle to build a better town together.

Meredith pledged to push for further improvement to the schools funding formula, which is designed to help correct the unfairness that has seen Staffordshire schools under-funded for decades. 

“The consultation under the last government promises a funding flaw of 3%, but I'm pleased the Conservative Manifest ensures no school budget will fall under the new fair funding formula. Staffordshire schools gain by 1.8% under fairer funding, but I will not let it rest there. I will work with local schools and education leaders to continue to fight for fairer funding and further improvements to the formula to help Staffordshire schools. Under Theresa May and the Conservative Party, plans for a national funding formula will be changed to ensure no school loses out and the overall schools budget will increase by £4 billion by 2022.”