About Owen Meredith

Owen Meredith was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme in the June 2017 General Election.

Owen has been a community campaigner for 15 years and has been here in Newcastle, campaigning with local Conservative councillors, to see improvements to our town and local communities. Owen has been active in the election campaigns here in the 2005, 2010, and 2015 elections - because he believes passionately that this town deserves a powerful voice in Westminster

The forthcoming General Election is about delivering strong and stable leadership in the national interest. Every vote cast for Theresa May and the Conservatives will strengthen Britain’s hand in the Brexit negotiations. That is why Owen is supporting the Prime Minister’s plan for Government.

But a country that works for everyone must also work for everyone in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Owen has pledged that as Newcastle’s man in Westminster, he will:

  • champion business investment in the area to create more high-skilled, high-paid jobs;
  • work with neighbouring MPs to improve our local NHS and social care
  • campaign to deliver much needed investment in local transport; and
  • ensure Newcastle reaps the benefits of Brexit  

Owen is a passionate champion for Newcastle-under-Lyme. He got his first job here, bought his first home here and studied for his degree here, at Keele University.

Owen’s primary focus for Newcastle-under-Lyme is to ensure the town gets the right deal from Brexit.

He pledged this when he was selected to fight the seat in the election. Owen is determined to deliver the best deal through Brexit and beyond for Newcastle-under-Lyme and is backing Theresa May to deliver strong and stable leadership for our area.

Owen will be a local champion for North Staffordshire, working with business leaders to bring more investment and more jobs to the area.

His priorities for the next parliament are to bring higher skilled, high-paid jobs to Newcastle, while striving to improve the local NHS and social care provision.

A Keele graduate, he campaigned tirelessly across North Staffordshire for over a decade.  He has also worked for a Staffordshire Member of Parliament, where he learnt how to get constituency matters dealt with swiftly, and effectively. Passionate and determined, Owen knows how to get things done.

Outside of politics, Owen enjoys running, cooking, and music and is passionate about animal welfare. He volunteers as a charity champion for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home which looks after cats and dogs that are abused and neglected. 

Owen will work with local councillors to campaign for improvements to transport infrastructure and ensure Newcastle benefits from regional deals like the Midlands Engine Strategy.

Above all, Owen will be a strong and powerful voice for Newcastle-under-Lyme in Westminster. And he believes passionately that with your help, the Conservatives can achieve an historic victory in Newcastle-under-Lyme and put the town on the map once again.